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Thank you, Jeff, for your comment(s). I know where the Sanga mistake came from, but it is a major one. Thanks for pointing it out. Big difference. Sanga is an Abumatic Model produced in Sanga Sweden. Only half a world and a brand off. I'll correct that. I would admit to smoking something, but I don't smoke--anything. Wow. I sure need an editor.
Regarding the guide 160, there's a guy on here from time to time, and on Fishing Talk, who swears by the 160. I have two models of the 160--one with the earlier style release knob and one with the later streamlined style. I did not use them back in the day, but I have run these through their paces with small bass only--but without problems. Nylon66 gears don't necessarily equate to "broken". It wears pretty well, although it does flex more and I suppose it could slip because of that. I heard the same stuff aobut the Nylon 66 Semi-Automatic 22's made by Remington when they first came out back in the late 50' or early 60's. Turns out it was just speculation. They are still going strong while the wooden stocks are rotted out and warped. But that's wood--not metal. Nylon 66 is also subject to deterioration caused by ultraviolet light and/or certain solvents. Solvents could get in there, but not light. maybe you got one wiht a bad run of gears. Did it happen with more than one? I am not arguing with you--if you have had firsthand experience with broken ones. I am just not hearing much of that though. In fact yours is the first. You are certiany right in that they did not last long in production.
I'd like to hear more from you regarding this and pix of broken stuff (and unbroken ones too) if possible, with more background and details. Firsthand information is getting harder to come by as people who used these reels are disappearing. You are right-on with other opinions and my own experience about the 710 and Sabra models. Great Reels. I have broached the little and big brother aspects of the reels in one or more of these posts.
I am still shaking my head about Sanga. Dang. Regards, PapaD

The 710 is the smaller brother of the Sabra. The Guide 160 was a piece of crap. It had nylon gears and was not a success because the reel stayed broken. I know cause I have and still use Johnson 710 and Sabra models. The drag/shift system is the best fish fighting invention ever designed for a reel.

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