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Please stop your degrading posts. You hurt no one but yourself. I will surely delete them and report them. If necessary I will close comments for all posts that you participate in until you stop. But it serves neither you nor I for you to continue this.

Tim. Thanks for this comment too. I am sorry that you had such an unpleasant experience with your. Although I am old now myself, I still appreciate that my dad was not violent. When I was kid, I didn't realize how fortunate I was, although it was common for my friends to have problems with their parents. I guess it was not considered good for fathers to be too soft with their boys then. I think my DAD, having experienced the things that he did as a kid, did not want to make it too easy on us. Based on his frame of reference, life was not easy, and boys needed to be hardened a bit in their raising. Even so, he was not abusive. Having raised kids myself and now having grand-kids and observing my wife's experiences as a school teacher over the years--I have a greater appreciation for dad's methods. I think it may be hard to strike a correct balance between being to soft and too harsh on kids. It is evident my wife's teaching experiences--that things have gone way off the track in some ways.
I am happy that your step-father was better and that he introduce you to these great old Johnson reels. He did a good thing there. LOL. I know a lot of grandfather aged guys who devote a lot of their time teaching kids these things. Using fishing and these old simple-to-use reels as teaching tools can mean a lot to kids who are not getting such attention elsewhere.

great story, i have no idea what my fathers preferences were regarding fishing reels, he was a very harsh violent man who never allowed me to get to know him very well. my stepfather however had a great love of spin cast reels. specifically Johnson reels and it was from him that i learned to love the spin cast reel. after he introduced me to the johnson reel and got me away from them horrible zebco's. I like you am the baby of the family.

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